During May 4, 2017, our council representative attended 2017 KIC Nesting Pitch Night which hosted by KIC and Thinktomi at Plug and Play Tech Center. The main purpose of the event is to congratulate all 11 Korean startup teams graduating from KIC, additionally, there are five Judges, investors including Perry Ha from Draper Athena, Phil Yoon from Big Sasin Capital, Dave Tarpley from Adant Technologies, David Emerson from Greendale Ventures and Dean Sivara from Portfolio & Innovation of SAP; These Judges gave questions and recommendations base on their project presentations, allowing founders to present their ideas to investors and also allowing investors to connect with these startups and hopefully invests in. 

KIC calls Korean Innovative Club, which is a full-scale startup solution for international startup companies, this organization provide strategic support, maintain a strong network, and bridges technology and entrepreneurial communities between Korea and US. Any founders can sign up for this program, as this event, for example, most of these startup teams are from Korea, and many of them are their first time come to the US. The program last for 6 weeks, during this time, KIC will help founders to first establish the business model, strengthen idea, and networking all over the world. In 6 weeks, founders will meet lots of other founders who joined this program; Founders will meet lots of international investors; Founders will optimize their startup project by the help from the KIC panel.

Although China has been the top manufacturing country, however, regarding marketing and product quality, Korea has always outplayed other competitors in the game, predictably, most of the projects on the here shares a satisfying fact, outstanding quality with impeccable design. Most of the projects are run by young, passionate, innovative Korean founders, some of the team might walk out without receiving any funds, but most importantly is we saw the great energy that flows within these young entrepreneurs. By the end of the event, it also means the end of the program. “6 weeks are short but meaningful.” Said by one of the founders, “we are like a family, and is KIC offers the platform for us to engage and share our idea.” We wish all the teams will achieve their goal and best of luck.


1. Buk.io Buk

Empowers publishers and writer with a social media optimized content platform.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 11.29.46 AM.png


2. Clay Fingers

Helps kids and parents learn and play by integrating air-dry polymer clay with Augmented Reality.


3. Flexcil

The most intuitive digital annotating and note taking solution for iPad.


4. HelloBell

A service on-demand button that enhances customer experience for the service industr.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 11.30.15 AM.png


5. Innoplaylab

An intelligent social robot companion


6. Minds lab

Provides an artificial intelligence platform and enterprise solution for customer service managemen


7. Peeper

A photo sharing service app with up to a 24-hour time limit. Peep into your friend’s gallery


8. SCG

Clean air products for the environment.



A fitness gaming platform with cash rewards.


10.  The Alpha Labs

Experience something new in your life with the world’s first casual Augmented Reality glasses


11.  WhaTap

SaaS-based real-time monitoring for server infrastructure and web applications

The list is startup companies that attended this event, for more information regarding the specific project, please contact us. 

In conclusion, compares to many local start-up projects from FI, Skydeck or Plug and Play, KIC projects from Korean Innovative Club are relatively amateur, however, we see the energy and synergy that flows between these teams are remarkable. As an incubator, my opinion is "people first, project second". A great start-up project can bring in tons of revenue, but a great person, a great team, a great entrepreneur can create many great start-up projects. 

Best wishes to all these young entrepreneurs, thank you for reading