Our Investment focus

We invest in early stage startups and venture funds. Our focus is on emerging technologies, including AI, IoT, AR/VR, new media, and more. Our family office is backed by a 30+ year global real estate conglomerate and we do not raise money from others. Our investments are long term. We look for more than just investments. We look for partners. Due to our family background, we are able to share resources to our portfolio companies and provide them with whatever they needs – be it resources, business networks, expertise, or market opportunities.



The future of car ownership is  Fair .

The future of car ownership is Fair.

Nightingale : The smartest eyes in the sky.

Nightingale: The smartest eyes in the sky.

Surf Air : Change the way you fly.

Surf Air: Change the way you fly.

BioTrillion : Data from Life. Data for Life. ™

BioTrillion: Data from Life. Data for Life. ™


Client Testimonials


"Constellar Ventures is an early investor of Nightingale Security and has been working closely with us since then. Through their in-house organization, they introduced us to a key technical person who later became an indispensable member of our team. They also helped us scout interesting projects and ideas that have synergy with our product and connected us with new investors."

– Jack Wu, CEO & Co-Founder, Nightingale Security


"As an Israeli company, we are looking for resources both in China and the US. Mr. Lin connected us to both countries by introducing us to an established cross border program in the US, which led us to potential investors and business partners from China. It was truly a pleasure to work with him and his team."

– Yossi Rubner, CEO & Founder, Kitov Systems