1. Technical services

SVTC Board of Experts is formed by 30+ technical engineers and field experts, all of our selected consultant members has strong technical background but also successfully created their business. By leveraging their experience and know-how skill, SVTC wants to serve other technical engineers or field experts to create their business by providing consultancy services.  

2. resource

This map shows organizations in Silicon Valley which we reached or supported over the last year. Constellar Venture invested over 2 million dollars in startup projects from artificial intelligence to drone companies, from SaaS to blockchain, we select our targets by following couple of the most important incubators in Silicon Valley including PNP, Y Combinator, 500 startups, HAX, and of course SkyDeck @ Berkeley and StartX @ Stanford. Another direction we approached is angel investment groups such as Sand Hill Angels, Bay Angels, and Keiretsu Forum. We also touch base with many Chinese organizations in the Bay Area, such as Z-park, RobotXSpace, ACE, CEO, SVEIF, LM, CASPA, etc.

Silicon Valley Map.png

3. talents

Fresh Fields.png

SVTC has our own connection to many university student associations, local recruiting companies, and many other technology associations. We believe in the near future, we can bridge these Silicon Valley young elites with correct resources and career.     

4. Government

Fresh Fields (1).png

We are working with Chinese Government to obtain the most updated information for government supports to startup company, SVTC is expanding its network in GuangDong province.  We are working closely with Guangzhou Huangpu development district to recruit companies and talents from Silicon Valley, we strive to offer the best Chinese resource to benefit the companies from Silicon Valley