Dr. Qun Fan – Executive Chairman

Dr. Fan is gregarious, hospitable, and extremely entrepreneurial.

As our Executive Chairman, he oversees and builds cross-border (US & China) business relationships for our company. With more than 20 years of experience in business development and management, Dr. Fan is a veteran in leading early stage companies from start to exit and an expert in establishing cross-border business relationships between US and China. Prior to joining us, he served as the Vice President of Symyx Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMMX) and the Vice President of Accelergy Corp.

Dr. Fan is the founder and Chairman of the Silicon Valley Science and Technology Association. He is also the Executive Chairman of the Silicon Valley Science and Technology Advisory Committee, President of Guangdong Association of Chinese/Overseas Chinese Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Executive Director of Guangdong Province Overseas Exchange Association, and International Advisor of Guangzhou Municipal Government Investment. Dr. Fan took more than 40 leaders of the professional associations worldwide and more than 30 experts from the “The 1000 Talents Plans” to visit the Guangzhou Development District, introducing a large number of high-tech projects to land in Guangzhou.

Dr. Fan graduated from Syracuse University with a PhD degree in Physics. He pursued his undergraduate education at the South China Normal University in Guangzhou. He is an enthusiastic pingpong player and enjoys Chinese calligraphy.


Ming Lin – Managing Director

Ming is creative and detail-oriented with a curious mind. He is a family member of a family-owned global investment conglomerate from China that owns and operates this Silicon Valley based family office. This family office owns two business units which are: SVTC + Constellar Ventures. Ming is the Managing Director of this family office and oversees the organization’s operations in both Silicon Valley and Greater China.

Ming came from a technical background. After earning his EE and CS master’s degrees from Cornell University, he worked at Marvell Semiconductor and Apple Inc. During his engineering career, Ming made hands-on contributions to the design of the next generation IoT chipset and developed a touch calibration algorithm to improve the user’s touch experience with various Apple products. He also owns a US innovation patent in the field of wireless communication.

Ming founded the family office with a vision to diversify and grow the family’s investments. He founded Constellar Ventures, a family fund that focuses on early stage venture investments and co-founded SVTC, a resource platform that utilizes US-China cross-border resources to service its portfolio companies and business network.

Ming enjoys spending his time with his wife and two kids; they often go on family excursions to the park or the beach. Ming also loves whisky and Porsche 911s and he hopes to open a “Whiskey and Porsche 911s” bar someday.


Judy Lee – Principal & General Manager

Judy is energetic and widely regarded as a growth catalyst with contagious passion. She is a veteran on Wall Street and has more than 15 years cross-border (US & China) investment and global marketing experience.

Judy currently serves as our Principal & General Manager, overseeing the entire family office's operation as well as fund investments.

Prior to joining us, she moved through the ranks from Director of Global Marketing to Vice President of Global Marketing, Chief Marketing Officer, and Chief of Staff at Yingli Green Energy (NYSE: YGE), one of the largest solar companies in the world. At Yingli, Judy led a 40+ member global marketing team and successfully spearheaded global marketing campaigns including 2010 South Africa FIFA World Cup, 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup, FC Bayern Munich, US Soccer, and many more. During her tenure at Yingli, Judy implemented game-changing initiatives that elevated Yingli's brand to a high-profile global brand.

Prior to Yingli, Judy worked on Wall Street as the Assistant Vice President and Investment Research Analyst at Piper Jaffray–a global investment bank–where she focused on the Chinese Internets and the Chinese Clean Tech industries. Judy co-authored a well-known industry investment piece, "The User Revolution." Judy covered 40+ companies include Baidu, Sina, Sohu, Canadian Solar, Trina Solar, and many more. During her time at Piper, Judy was widely known as the "go-to person" on Chinese investments.

Judy holds a BS in Business from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and a BA in Japanese from UC Berkeley. Judy is expecting to finish her MBA from the Kenan–Flagler Business School at UNC Chapel Hill in 2019. She enjoys traveling and is an avid tennis player.


Brian Li – Business Development Associate

Brian is passionate about networking. He believes people are the most important part of any business and developed his interpersonal skills from previous work experience in the hospitality industry.

Brian is one of our Business Development Associates and is responsible for developing new business prospects, discovering potential investments, and establishing new relationships. He has a curious mind and is constantly exploring new technologies, innovations, and ideas from numerous different industries. In the past, he started many small businesses in industries such as the automobile, event marketing, e-commerce, international trading, and restaurant industry. In addition, he helped various overseas companies develop sales strategies and grow their online/offline marketing presence. Backed by his diverse business experiences, Brian is able to accurately identify and solve challenges faced by startups as well as connect them with resources they need.

Brian has a BA degree in Hospitality Management from University of Nevada Las Vegas. He held various positions in different hotels such as butler at Wynn Las Vegas, VIP host at Caesars Palace, and VIP representative at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

Brian is a magician. If you ever meet him, ask him to show you some card tricks.


Erik Chen – Business Development Associate

Erik is a Bay Area native, passionate about technology startups. With an amiable personality and effective communication skills, he builds relationships with startups and corporations from US and China, thus facilitating connections between those markets.

Erik is one of our Business Development Associates. He is based in the US and is responsible for finding new investment opportunities, partners, and clients here.

Prior to joining us, Erik was a software engineer at eBay Advertising. As a member of the Merchant team, he developed scalable software solutions and researched new computer technologies. After leaving eBay, he worked at various education technology startups including LearningPal, where he performed various jobs from architecture design to company pitches. From these experiences, he gained a tremendous amount of respect for the work that entrepreneurs do and is now dedicated to helping startups succeed in every way possible.

Erik holds a BA in Computer Science from UC Berkeley. In his free time, Erik enjoys watching and playing sports, especially basketball.


Wanzhou Liu – Venture Investment Analyst

Wanzhou is our Sherlock Holmes: he is an analytical thinker with an attention to detail.

He serves as our Venture Investment Analyst. He is responsible for reviewing potential investment opportunities, conducting due diligence, communicating with general partners on deals, weighing in on the final investment decision, and making post-investment follow-ups.

Previously, Wanzhou served as Operations Risk Manager at CreditEase, a leading fintech conglomerate in China. He also has experience in the field of financial risk management at China Guangfa Bank (CGB) and has worked in many countries including the US, China, and Japan, experiences which have broadened and diversified his perspective.

Wanzhou earned his MBA from Bowling Green State University, where he specialized in Supply Chain Management. He also holds a Six Sigma Green Belt certificate and has Black Belt project experience. He enjoys nature, particularly hiking, and exploring local cuisines.