On October 31, 2018 one of the world's leading technology innovation platform, Plug and Play (PNP), and one of the most advanced science parks in the world in development, Guangzhou GoogolPark, a fully owned subsidiary of Guangdong Zhonghuan Investment Group (GZI), parent company to SVTC + Constellar Ventures, hosted a signing ceremony for a “Global Cornerstone Partner” in Guangzhou Development Zone in Guangdong, China.

Amongst the attendees of the event were Rahim Amidi, Chairman of PNP International; Chen Zhao, Executive Vice President of PNP China; and Zhixin Chen, Vice President of PNP China; Chairman Shaohua Lin, Vice President Ming Lin of Guangdong Zhonghuan Investment Group; and General Manager, Qinghua Chen of GoogolPark.

President Qun Fan kicked off the event with an introduction of GoogolPark, “GoogolPark is a science park that utilizes global resources and platforms to discover innovative startups, talents, and projects in various industries and to assist top talents in their entrepreneurial ventures. Since our science park’s offerings, brand, and core competencies meet the needs of PNP’s incubator and accelerator needs, GoogolPark and PNP have established a global partnership to usher in a new era of innovation and establish the park as a showcase for innovation and entrepreneurship.”

Mr Rahim Amidi, founder of PNP International, indicated that his team devoted long hours searching for corporate partners, such as GoogolPark, which were dedicated to tech innovation and committed to long-term cooperation. He expressed that, “Plug and Play, which has invested in and incubated early-stage startups in Silicon Valley for more than a decade, hopes to use its extensive experience and entrepreneurial ecosystem to build a new cross-border incubator and accelerator and facilitate the growth of startups in China with GoogolPark.”

Rahim Amidi, Shaohua Lin, Chen Zhao, and Qun Fan together signed a strategic cooperation agreement between PNP and GoogolPark during the signing ceremony. Afterwards, Rahim Amidi and Shaohua Lin jointly unveiled the “PNP Guangzhou International Innovation Center” located at GoogolPark. With this partnership, PNP and GoogolPark hope to utilize cross border resources and jointly launched the PNP unicorn accelerator in China.

PNP and GoogolPark believe that, “Together, we can create a new future”.


About Plug and Play

Plug and Play (PNP) is headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA and was the world's first and largest tech start-up accelerator, with a focus in creating a global tech incubator. After more than ten years of development, PNP has created an innovation incubator that incubates nearly ten thousand start-ups internationally. Since 1998, PNP has invested in and incubated more than 6000 start-ups, including PayPal, Google, Lending Club, Dropbox, Logitech, and other industry giants.


About GoogolPark

GoogolPark is a science park located in Guangzhou, China. The science park is still in development and was designed by Gensler, a leading international architectural design firm, and covers an area of 73,522 square meters with a floor space of 304,000 square meters.