GoogolPark Announces Major Development Milestone

GoogolPark Announces Major Development Milestone


On December 26, one of the most advanced science parks in the world in development, Guangzhou GoogolPark, a fully owned subsidiary of Guangdong Zhonghuan Investment Group(GZI), parent company to SVTC + Constellar Ventures, held a ceremony to commemorate the completion of the C1 building frame in GoogolPark, Guangzhou, China. This was a major milestone to GoogolPark, which on schedule to complete at the end of 2019. The ceremony was attended by the project contractor, Guangdong No. 2 Construction Company, Qun Fan, President of GooglPark, Xiyin Chen, Director of the American Silicon Valley Science and Technology Association, and Xiaodan Fang, National Master of Engineering Survey and Design. The foundation for GoogolPark was laid late March in 2018. Since then, the main structure covering an area of over 180,000 square meters has been completed, culminating in December’s ceremony.


At the start of the ceremony, Mr. Fan extended a warm welcome and thanked the entire project team. He expressed heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped GoogolPark to achieve this major milestone. In the closing portion of his speech, Mr. Fan affirmed the pioneering and enterprising spirit of this project, dedicating the ceremony to the beginning of building a more technologically advanced future through this science park.

The completion of the main structure of the C1 Building marks a key step in the construction of the science park, which will be followed by continued construction on exterior walls, mechanical and electrical installation, interior space decoration, and intelligent park

management. This is the first step in the journey to build a world center of innovation and entrepreneurship.

About SVTC + Constellar Ventures   Silicon Valley Technology Council (SVTC) + Constellar Ventures is the family office of GuangdongZhonghuan Investment Group (GZI), a multibillion dollar real estate conglomerate from China.The family office focuses on early stage investments in tech including AI, IoT, Internets, robotics and many more.

About SVTC + Constellar Ventures

Silicon Valley Technology Council (SVTC) + Constellar Ventures is the family office of GuangdongZhonghuan Investment Group (GZI), a multibillion dollar real estate conglomerate from China.The family office focuses on early stage investments in tech including AI, IoT, Internets, robotics and many more.

About GoogolPark   GoogolPark is a science park located in Guangzhou, China. The science park is still in development and was designed by Gensler, a leading international architectural design firm, and covers an area of 73,522 square meters with a floor space of 304,000 square meters.

About GoogolPark

GoogolPark is a science park located in Guangzhou, China. The science park is still in development and was designed by Gensler, a leading international architectural design firm, and covers an area of 73,522 square meters with a floor space of 304,000 square meters.

Plug N Play and GoogolPark Announces Global Cornerstone Partnership Agreement


Plug N Play and GoogolPark Announces Global Cornerstone Partnership Agreement

On October 31, 2018 one of the world's leading technology innovation platform, Plug and Play (PNP), and one of the most advanced science parks in the world in development, Guangzhou GoogolPark, a fully owned subsidiary of Guangdong Zhonghuan Investment Group (GZI), parent company to SVTC + Constellar Ventures, hosted a signing ceremony for a “Global Cornerstone Partner” in Guangzhou Development Zone in Guangdong, China.

Amongst the attendees of the event were Rahim Amidi, Chairman of PNP International; Chen Zhao, Executive Vice President of PNP China; and Zhixin Chen, Vice President of PNP China; Chairman Shaohua Lin, Vice President Ming Lin of Guangdong Zhonghuan Investment Group; and General Manager, Qinghua Chen of GoogolPark.

President Qun Fan kicked off the event with an introduction of GoogolPark, “GoogolPark is a science park that utilizes global resources and platforms to discover innovative startups, talents, and projects in various industries and to assist top talents in their entrepreneurial ventures. Since our science park’s offerings, brand, and core competencies meet the needs of PNP’s incubator and accelerator needs, GoogolPark and PNP have established a global partnership to usher in a new era of innovation and establish the park as a showcase for innovation and entrepreneurship.”

Mr Rahim Amidi, founder of PNP International, indicated that his team devoted long hours searching for corporate partners, such as GoogolPark, which were dedicated to tech innovation and committed to long-term cooperation. He expressed that, “Plug and Play, which has invested in and incubated early-stage startups in Silicon Valley for more than a decade, hopes to use its extensive experience and entrepreneurial ecosystem to build a new cross-border incubator and accelerator and facilitate the growth of startups in China with GoogolPark.”

Rahim Amidi, Shaohua Lin, Chen Zhao, and Qun Fan together signed a strategic cooperation agreement between PNP and GoogolPark during the signing ceremony. Afterwards, Rahim Amidi and Shaohua Lin jointly unveiled the “PNP Guangzhou International Innovation Center” located at GoogolPark. With this partnership, PNP and GoogolPark hope to utilize cross border resources and jointly launched the PNP unicorn accelerator in China.

PNP and GoogolPark believe that, “Together, we can create a new future”.


About Plug and Play

Plug and Play (PNP) is headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA and was the world's first and largest tech start-up accelerator, with a focus in creating a global tech incubator. After more than ten years of development, PNP has created an innovation incubator that incubates nearly ten thousand start-ups internationally. Since 1998, PNP has invested in and incubated more than 6000 start-ups, including PayPal, Google, Lending Club, Dropbox, Logitech, and other industry giants.


About GoogolPark

GoogolPark is a science park located in Guangzhou, China. The science park is still in development and was designed by Gensler, a leading international architectural design firm, and covers an area of 73,522 square meters with a floor space of 304,000 square meters.


2017中国海交会在广州举行 广东中环助力海交会“智创未来”海外(北美区)创新创业大赛

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.55.46 AM.png

12月20日,2017中国海外人才交流大会暨第19届中国留学人员广州科技交流会(以下简称“海交会”)在中国进出口商品交易会展馆及广州白云国际会议中心举办。硅谷科技咨询委员会协办海交会“智创未来”海外(北美区)创新创业大赛及“红棉天使”暨2017海交会“智创未来”海外创新创业大赛优秀项目(北美区)路演。国家”千人计划“专家、美国硅谷科技咨询委员会执行主席、硅谷科技协会理事长范群博士,硅谷科技咨询委员会创会主席、广东中环投资集团董事长、广东省侨商会副会长、汕头海联会副会长、汕头侨商会会长林少华先生,硅谷科技咨询委员会理事长、广州归谷科技园董事长林铭先生,美国Wave Cyber董事、奧斯博环保材料有限公司董事長郑志光,信禾投资有限公司总经理姚田等受邀出席开幕式活动,林铭先生作为海外特邀嘉宾出席省市领导主持的海外高层次人才座谈会。



◆美国硅谷科技咨询委员会创会主席、  广东中环投资集团董事长、  广东省侨商会副会长、  汕头海联会副会长、  汕头侨商会会长林少华先生出席活动






◆国家”千人计划“专家、  美国硅谷科技咨询委员会执行主席、  硅谷科技协会理事长范群博士(右)  浙江西湖高等研究院院长、  中科院院士﹠清华副校长、  美国国家科学院外籍院士施一公(左)







◆硅谷科技咨询委员会理事长、  广州归谷科技园董事长林铭先生(右一)  美国Wave Cyber董事、  奧斯博环保材料有限公司董事长郑志光(左二)



美国Wave Cyber董事、



Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.59.45 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.59.50 AM.png





Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 12.03.07 PM.png


Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.41.07 AM.png
2017年12月21日下午两点, 中国海交会“智创未来”海外创新创业项目投资对接会 在归谷科技园顺利举行。


此次投资对接会将齐聚海交会“智创未来”全球 40个科技创新优胜项目,以及多个“春晖杯”大赛入围项目,众多前沿科技创新项目涵盖生物医药、电子信息、新能源与新材料、现代服务业等多个领域。

范群博士(右二)向广州市驻硅谷代表李文勇(左二)  介绍归谷科技园


美国硅谷科技咨询委员会理事长林铭向    以色列项目人介绍归谷科技园




Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.45.02 AM.png




Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.46.50 AM.png








Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.50.42 AM.png





Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.53.25 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.53.30 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.53.40 AM.png

别开生面的张家卫教授“硅谷百日”谢别会 ——温哥华与硅谷面对面

别开生面的张家卫教授“硅谷百日”谢别会 ——温哥华与硅谷面对面

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.35.37 AM.png


Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 10.47.05 AM.png


Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 10.51.47 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 10.52.24 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 10.52.30 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 10.52.35 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 10.52.42 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 10.52.50 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 10.52.58 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 10.55.23 AM.png


Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 10.59.00 AM.png


Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 10.59.40 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 10.59.46 AM.png

张家卫教授的深度思考和第三方视角的硅谷观察,新颖独到,发人深省。同时,由于他是一位著名的实践型专家学者,因此他常常从商业模式的角度出发,热心为很多有缘交流的硅谷创业者、投资者提供咨询和讲座,受到很多硅谷人的热烈欢迎。用硅谷1029咖啡召集人Ruth Lin的话说:“张教授的三个月游学,在硅谷掀起了一股温哥华风!”旧金山著名的KTSF26电视台“郑家瑜有话要说”为此对他进行了电视专访。

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.01.01 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.01.08 AM.png

14日当天的沙龙活动主题是为张家卫教授举办送别会,是由硅谷德高望重的前矽谷科技华商协会李明华会长和艺术家Lily Xu发起设立的LM Elite Center(立名国际精英中心)出面召集硅谷科技咨询委员会协助,硅谷1029咖啡、硅谷食堂、索菲亚大学、斯坦福大学提供支持的一次活动。整场活动虽然按照私人沙龙的形式举办,但是体现了硅谷的气氛和风格。其中,嘉宾代表发言环节采取了“以项目路演的方式”进行,即直接介绍自己的项目或者领域,每人5分钟,限时发言,合计介绍了25个项目,其中12个来自于温哥华,13个则来自于以硅谷为主的美国。高效、烧脑。内容涵盖当下最热门的AI、区块链、机器人以及金融科技等领域,其中不乏传统领域与科技的最新结合。

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.20.44 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.20.50 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.20.56 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.21.12 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.21.30 AM.png


Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.33.16 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.33.22 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.33.26 AM.png

最后的嘉宾对话环节,由张家卫教授主持,邀请了斯坦福大学商学院访问学者(北京大学光华管理学院教授)张建君教授、著名的硅谷清华天使基金TEEC创始合伙人Eugene Zhang先生、加拿大灰熊研究院副院长张国任教授、硅谷金融科技领域科学家(KDS金融科技公司创始人)John先生、加拿大foreGrowth金融科技公司COO Max Guo先生、中山美国创投黄红星先生等围绕“硅谷与温哥华的科技合作未来”展开对话讨论。最后给出的合作愿景是:资本、科技、人才、必然、趋势、华人力量!谈到本次活动的初衷,张家卫教授说:“即将离开硅谷,非常感谢硅谷朋友的认可和支持,更感谢温哥华朋友们一路走来的暖心支持。因此,非常希望可以将温哥华的创业者和投资者与硅谷的创业者和投资者链接在一起,以‘平等、开放和多中心化’的小众众筹理念互通有无,共享项目、共享投资、共享圈层、共享人脉,将两小时的空中里程变成两地交互的热线,展示我们华人创业者和投资者包括学者们的合作力量。”






























由Napa Eagle创始合伙人方先生发起的“张家卫小众行为学研究基金”得到了大家的积极支持和响应,现场募集意向捐赠资金10万美元。

智创未来 Startup Contest

智创未来 Startup Contest

Guangzhou, China

Dec 20 - 21, 2017



Below is the official document for the Start-Up Contest of the 2017 CCOTE.

Please click the link below to register.

电视访谈:夜莺安防新创公司 Business Rockstar interview with Jack Wu from Nightingale Security

电视访谈:夜莺安防新创公司 Business Rockstar interview with Jack Wu from Nightingale Security

美国硅谷夜莺安防公司(Nightingale Security)为大型企业提供无人机保安服务。他们利用无人机来增强和代替安防人员的巡逻、监测、和处理警报信号的任务。夜莺安防公司是星图投资的投资组合项目之一,目前夜莺安防公司刚刚完成A轮的融资,在目前无人机在垂直领域的应用创新项目中,顺利完成A轮融资的初创公司不多。早前有关夜莺空中安防的报道,请按这里阅读

夜莺的总执行长Jack Wu日前接受《商务明星》企业电视“Scale The Wall”节目与Thuy Vu的访谈,讨论他在创业过程中所遇到的挑战、克服困难的经历。Jack是消费者互联网上的老将,具有18年的企业创新和开发的经验。以下W代表Jack Wu, V代表Thuy Vu。

V: 我们都知道企业营运是要有一定的魄力,特别是新创的小企业·,总是面对各种挑战。当挑战到来时,就需要”Scale the Wall”。我们的节目要讨论的就是应付这些挑战。今天我们请到夜莺安防公司的吴先生,他的公司所创新的无人机安防技术可以取代实地的安防工作人员。吴先生,很高兴您今天能够参加我们的节目。
W: 谢谢你们邀请了我。

V: 请介绍一下你们的无人机安防是怎样运作的,好吗?
W: 我们称为空中机器人安防系统(RAS,Robotic Aerial Security)。它包括无人机、自动为无人机充电的基站盒、还有一套软件来自动管理这些运作。
V: 在这之前,您做的是游戏和广告方面的工作,后来怎么会想到无人机安防这方面的东西呢?
W: 首先,这是机会。为了作广告,我在90年代末介入消费者互联网,到2000年对雅虎首页放什么内容有很多研究。后来我接触到电子游戏行业,因为有很多电子游戏来作广告嘛。我认识那些赞助商,于是我帮他们作广告,赚了很多钱。但是,我从小就喜欢亲手制作一些东西,我和我的合作伙伴John是高中时代认识的,我们两个都喜欢制作某些很酷的东西。如果制作不成功,至少我们也没太大的损失。
V: 您确实有个航天飞行方面的学位吧?
W: 我没有,但John,我的共同创始人有。他是我们公司的“大脑”,一切的飞行器硬件需要和控制软件都是他的策划。

V: 您的背景很有趣。您是10岁从台湾移民来美国的--那时候您会说英语吗?
W: 我那时不会,我只知道三个词: “谢谢”, “苹果”,另一个字我不想要在电视上说出来!
V: 哈,这三个字就能方便地对付很多生活需要了。
W: 呵呵没错,现在仍然是。
V: 所以你必须学英语。那么你的创业精神到底从哪里来的?
W: 我的父母从来没有受过高等教育。我们来到美国,父亲在一家公寓做维修工,母亲为公寓剪草。到周末我们就进到人家的办公室作清洁。我们住在Milpitas地区,那里有很多科技公司,我负责吸尘和把垃圾拿出去。当然我们也清洁公司总裁的办公室,我当时坐在总裁的转椅上,心想我以后不要做我父母所做的工作,我要做好一些的工作。而且这显然是可能的,这个人不就有个自己的办公室吗?
V: 哇,您那时就受了启发,知道自己将来要作个CEO?那时您几岁?
W: 我那时12岁,还不知道我能作CEO,但知道我将来不要作办公室的清洁工…一步步来的。
V: 您终于达到了自己的目标。请您说说现在您在公司里的工作。
W: 是的,目标达到了,可以说是幸运吧,我不会否认这里面有运气的成分。在湾区长大很好,90年代的科技繁荣直接影响到我,让我有了今天。

V: 所有的初创公司都经历到风浪和起伏,您有没有撞到墙,然后必须登墙越过来?
W: 有,我们整个团队都坚持过来了。我给你一个例子:我们要在佛罗里达的Space X举行重要的演示,可是我们的无人机基站在运输过程中丢失了,有个后勤环节没有落实好。结果我们需要马上解决这个问题。我对我的团队说,唯一的解决办法是租一部卡车,连夜开车送过去一套备用的基站。结果我们租了一部卡车,三个人上车,日夜不停地越野驾驶,跨越美国去参展。
V: 那一定是很大的压力。
W: 也是挑战,我喜欢雇用这样的人,他们不把上班看为9点到5点的事情,而是看为要达到一个目标,他们个人的理念和公司的目标一致。…结果这三个人驾车跨越美国。我说,既然驾车跨越美国,为何不顺便在路途中停几站,为其它有兴趣的公司作演示?
V: 哈,真正的机会主义者。
W: 既然已经花了这么多钱嘛,干脆利用机会!
V: 那次有没有得到什么商机?
W: 有啊,我们正在和某些大的石油公司洽谈。

V: 你们的空中机器人安防服务看起来很酷。当我们想到安防工作的时候,我们会想到传统的做法,雇佣安防人员去巡逻等等。吴先生,当您去到使用传统安防体系的公司时,您如何劝服他们改用你们的无人机安防系统?
W: 其实我们不只是和其它的安防机器人公司竞争,我们竞争的对象其实是现在的用户,希望改变他们的工作习惯。这些用户都是采纳我们早期技术的一些公司,我们重点是要争取他们。我们希望那些和我们有共同理念的公司,能够真正看到使用这套系统的好处,能够根据我们的产品特点来建立他们的安防体系。有许多确实如此做了,很积极热情地建立他们的安防系统。其中一个理由就是,这个产品确实很吸引人,和机器人一同工作,很新颖。他们很愿意用无人机来作安防工作,他们非常支持我们。反过来,我们总是跟进他们,给他们看我们新技术发展。尽管他们从最开始不是我们的顾客,那不要紧,重要的是他们对这项新技术很热心。当他们有了足够的认识,就会和我们成交,让我们来服务他们的其它设施。

V: 您认为夜莺安防公司5年的前景如何?
W: 我们有不同的路径可走。我看到因为数据互联网的作用,当你越来越多地在客户场地实施无人机安防体系,我们的无人机会越来越有智慧。我们会收集越来越多的数据,我们聚集这些数据来教我们的无人机如何在大的商用场地执行任务。数据量越大,无人机系统部署得越多,我们的无人机安防任务执行就越快速有效,越有智慧,我们的业务就会像滚雪球一样越滚越大。
V: 在这过程中你看到前面会有什么样的挑战?
W: 有两样挑战。一样显然是销售,你需要把产品放在客户的实用场地,这非常重要。让我们的客户看到这如何能够省钱。我给他们一个选项,可以不雇佣人工安防人员。我也给他们能够在夜间工作的能力,只有超人能够做到在夜间飞上高空做看守设施的工作。
V: 到目前为止,你们所承担的最大风险是什么?
W: 我想,最大的风险是直接和用户作交易。
V: 为什么呢?
W: 当我们开始和客户的安防巡逻队、和中间商谈的时候,我们发现没有人真正了解我们想要做什么。他们不了解我们的产品。当我们分享了我们的理念之后,有的很认同,当然最终我们需要有专门的销售人员,来照顾和服务我们的客户,而不是由技术公司来做。我相信我们最终的目标是,客户打电话给我们,直接和我们谈,让他们开始体验我们的产品。我想要拥有这全部的过程,只有直销能够做到。当然我们也不排斥中间渠道,而且很快我们会有中间渠道。当我们的技术越来越成熟,最后还是要打开中间渠道的。

V: 目前对于夜莺安防公司,你最担心的是什么?
W: 目前最担心的是公司的安全防卫问题。另一个最担心的是产品的可靠性问题。可靠性来自大量的测试,我们从头到尾作各个环节的测试。我们在总部亲自作测试,我们测试系统的夜间运作。目前仅有的七家无人机公司获得了美国航空局的夜间飞行与多机飞行许可证,夜莺是其中之一。除了我们之外还有Google的Project Wing 。
V: 所以,对于客户来说,这些都是很新鲜的尝试,但一定也会担心吧?
W: 会的。我们必须面对顾客的拒绝。
V: 有很多顾客拒绝你们吗?
W: 当然。这产品很新嘛,我必须向他们证明这产品好用。不光向他们解释,还要为他们证明出来,然后给他们时间考虑,说服那些主管销售的人或管理设施的经理,请他们来看演示,挺不容易。
V: 您是夜莺安防公司的总执行长,您是发觉这工作越来越容易,还是每次都有不同的挑战?
W: 每次的挑战都不同,但每次的挑战都有共通性,所以还是越来越容易的。挑战无非是人事上的、很令人头痛,无论大小公司,你总会遇到个性很强的人。有些人寻求某些特定的角色,可是没有那么多职位给你,你必须管理这些冲突。这些人是公司成立的最初动力,会觉得他们有权说话。所以即使是小公司,也充满了政治。但我会汲取功课,雇用合适的人去做工,来降低那方面的挑战。
V: 祝你们好运!看来您的目标很好,我们衷心祝愿你们成功。

谢谢观看 Thanks for watching

5 Silicon Valley Pitch Events with our Top Pick


Last month, our council representatives attend 5 pitch events in SV, following are brief introduction of the events, our insights and SVTC’s top pick (we pick out one to two favorite project from every event to follow up) 


1.    RobotX2017 Robotics Demo Day

2.    TaiwanRocksSF

3.    ForeignTalents Innovative Start-up Competition

4.    2017 Startup Conference

5.    DemoDay Spring 2017 at Skydeck Berkeley


1.    RobotX2017 Robotics Demo Day

On May 9th, 2017, our council representative attended RobotX 2017 Robotics Demo Day hosted at ZGC innovative center by RobotXSpace. This is one of the major event of RobotXSpace, which showcases its robotic startup companies to investors.Besides the main stage, there is a demo area for product display and demo for six selected robotic startups. The event starts with networking and dinner, offering a chance for audience and investor to get an early understanding of the six startup teams prior to the presentation; We soon realize by starting an event with dinner and networking actually allows more possibilities for founders and investors to connect, on the other hand, it also stretches the time limit for those attendees who arrives late due to work and typical bay area traffic. After dinner and networking, the actual pitch presentation kicks off, each startup team has 15 minutes of time to be on stage for their pitch and Q&A section. According to RobotXSpace official website, all six selected startup teams are graduated from RobotX and GWCrobotic accelerator which started in January. This program fosters the growth of six robotics start-ups, after 4 months of acceleration, these teams are ready to open to the investors, as their host, Robot X and GWC will host event continuously, allowing them to meet up with over 90 investors, robotics leaders, and press.   

One very interesting project that we spotted from robotX demon day is called Beetle which is a new autonomous robot that roams your back yard and cleans up pet poop. The robot itself can autonomously search, clean, decomposition, and charge. Beetl is an interesting concept but many will ask: why using such innovative technology to do such simple job? And the vision that I see from this company is the future of robotic venture that high technology robots are coming in human everyday life very soon. Regarding Beetl, we also have to mention HAX(, HAX is the world’s first and largest hardware accelerator in the world, and Beetl is one of the highlighted projects from HAX.

.    TaiwanRocksSF

TaiwanRocksSF is a pitch event that presented by Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS) which is an incubator system that teachesTaiwan startups to go global through intensive training programs, strong leadership, and a wide network of global partners.

There is a total of 12 startup projects from Taiwan, all of them shares great attitudes and concepts. Very similar to KIC (KoreanInnovative Club) we attended during May 4, the energies from these overseas startups definitely adds a unique touch to Silicon Valley.

Is an interesting yet innovative idea that many international incubation systems shares, bring foreign start-up projects to the US to experience a more open, more opportunity platform, such as KIC(Korean), TaiwanRocksSF(Taiwan) and 1000 startup contest(China).Bring foreign start-up projects to the US not only gave a border view for these foreign start-ups but also provide a variety of start-up choices for USinvestors.

Jobalaya is an introvert-friendly recruitment platform for job seekers to get referrals with zero networking. 

LyraVR is a music creation platform for musicians and fans to compose, perform, and share in a fully interactive virtual space.

CakeResume modernizes the job search by enabling anyone to craft a slick, media-rich online resume in minutes. Akohub’s AI-driven marketing platform keeps e-commerce vendors connected with visitors via dead simple social ad targeting and a friendlyChatbot.

SurveyCake is an intuitive cloud-based survey builder with customizable event triggers and seamless integration with your CRM. 

Bitmark is the property system for the digital environment that allows you to turn your personal data and digital assets into a unique property.

Toii is a location-based AR game and travel platform that connects businesses to customers in major cities around the world.

PicSee is a link shortened that boosts social media engagement through eye-catching customization.

Adenovo is an AI-driven risk-management tool for auto financing that helps banks cut costs by 90%.

U-GYM is a pocket-sized deep-tissue massager that soothes muscle pain and relieves stiffness in just under 30 minutes.

Pi Square delivers real-time and collaborative power to animation production by increasing rendering speeds an average of 1000x.

Pointimize is a sleek meta search engine that allows you to easily compare miles, points, and cash deals across leading hotel and airline loyalty programs.


One project that caught our attention is Toii, which is the is a location-based AR game and travel platform that connects businesses to customers in major cities around the world. The reason that it caught our attention is not the gaming experience that this platform can bring travelers endless opportunities to work with destination stores, restaurants and malls in order to create a new financial technology system for a traveler.

 Formore information, feel free to contact us or visit TSS //


3. ForeignTalents Innovative Start-up Competition

DuringMay 13, 2017, we attended ForeignTalents Innovative Start-up Competition (海外人才创新创业项目大赛). The event was hosted at ZGC (硅谷中关村) with lots of new technologies and famous investors and executives. This competition is focused on three different industries, 1. Health and culture industry (biological medicine, health care, old-age care, modern agriculture and innovative culture) 2. Digital information (IT, new material, Artificial intelligence, and photoelectron) 3. Wearable and new energy (automobile, rail transit, and environmental protection). 8 million dollars of funds set up for supporting start-up team.

One project that caught our attention, is a new dating platform using a new method to pair users, BLUR, where users on this platform will have to answer numerous questions that designed by other users. After the designated questions are answered by other users, they will be able to see the blurry photo of other users become clearer and clearer. Because there are too many people on dating platform just browsing photos, didn’t engage in a conversation, the percentage of successful matchup rate is actually low. Therefore, the founder of Blur believes that by answering a series of designated questions from the other user can actually improve the matching rate and achieve the focus mission of a dating platform-get match. 

4.    2017 Startup Conference

On May 17, we attended the 2017 Startup Conference which hosted inFox Theater. There are 50+ speakers, entrepreneurs, investors, and angels attended the event and many valuable lessons and note were given by speakers, and we also saw lots of new ideas and innovative startups at the Startup Fair which was hosted with “farmers market style” on the courthouse square right outside the theater. The highlight of this event is we finally met the founder and CEO of world famous Y CombinatorIncubator, Michael Seibel. Before Michael become the CEO of Y CombinatorIncubator, he was the co-founder and CEO of two famous companies, become Twitch) and Socialcam which later is sold to Amazon for1 billion and become Twitch TV, on the other hand, Socialcam sold to Autodesk for 60 million in 2012.

During the event, there are 1,500entrepreneurs and investors, the Startup Conference is one of the largest conferences in Silicon Valley for startups, learning how to pitch VCs, find co-founders, launch your product to the press, reach early adopters and influencers and more.

Party on Demand is a new party organizer application from Willie G, very innovative idea that brings people who want to through a casual party with people who have experience throwing parties. CEO Willie G is very passionate about his business and full of energy when he was on stage presenting his idea. Among the presenters that day, Party on Demand definitely gave the audience an interesting presentation. However, since Party on Demand’s business model is based on freelancers to provide serves, in our opinion is hard to scale up its growth, but they caught our attention with such an energetic team. 

5. DemoDay Spring 2017 at Skydeck Berkeley

OnMay 18, we attended Demo Day Spring 2017at Skydeck Berkeley. By attending over 30 events in 4 months, we can say that Skydeck demo day at Berkeley is definitely one of the top pitch events after all. From event organization to pitch presentation quality; from investor engagement to location, Berkeley Skydeck incubated many mature startup projects. One of the projects that our council invested in and follow up with isOwlized and they are from Skydeck. 

There are three interesting projects from SkyDeck that we want to share.

MuMEC is building new wireless transceiver technology that requires drastically lower operating power for use with Bluetooth LE (BLE) and LoRa wireless protocols. By integrating Radio Frequency MEMS technology with COMS design, MuMEC’s radios offer a 10x reduction in power consumption for BLE protocols (100x for LoRa), allowing consumer devices and IoT applications to extend battery life, reduce battery size, and operate entirely on scavenged power.

HashCutleverages artificial intelligence to automatically generate video highlights, in an age of declining attention spans, fans are demanding short-form content.HashCut partners with video content creators across sports, media, and YouTube, to automatically generate personalized highlight reels in copyright-friendly manner-increasing video views, watch time & social engagement. 


EmotiveDigital specializes in the field of interactive transparent LCD technology with a primary focus in establishing an advertising network at a point of sale.Emotive Digital combines creative digital content with proprietary new media platforms to influence consumers’ purchasing decisions and promote brand stories at the forefront of retail and department stores.

Thank you for reading, if you have any question or any interest in these companies, feel free to talk to us. 

Nightingale — from Garage to the Air


Nightingale — from Garage to the Air

SVTC pays a visit to Nightingale Security's hanger to find out how the team is revolutionizing the security industry using drones and SVTC also attended their autonomous landing test at late night, the nightingale teamwork spark. 


Sky Security System Nightingale


Sky Security System Nightingale

This article is provided by Nightingale Security marketing director Cary Savas, regarding an introduction of this revolutionary air security system, published in America security industry magazine Insight. Nightingale is one of the projects that SVCT Constellar Venture invested in, Chinese article translated and presented by SVTC.


2017 KIC (Korean Innovative Club)  Nesting Pitch Night

2017 KIC (Korean Innovative Club) Nesting Pitch Night

KIC (Korea Innovation Center) and TT(Thinktomi) Pitch Night, where eleven selected South Korean companies will showcase their innovative businesses to a distinguished panel of judges. Lets meet these entrepreneurs and engage with thought leaders and investors from Silicon Valley!


[FlashBack 2017 CES] eureka PARK interesting innovations

eureka PARK is one of the CES special stages. Especially serve the purpose for mid, small size companies to display their innovative ideas, technologies, new services and new concepts, what awaits us is endless new business and new opportunities. After a half year of the journey, let's see how many ideas are proven to the market. 


A Glimpse of "Secret" Robot Factory--MegaBot


A Glimpse of "Secret" Robot Factory--MegaBot

MegaBot was the grand prize winner for 2017 Launch Festival. SVTC connected founder Gui and paid a visit to their "secret" robot factory to find out how they are realizing their childhood dream by building a UFC alike combat arena for international giant robots. 


2017 Launch Festival, a Festival for Silicon Valley

2017 Launch Festival, a Festival for Silicon Valley

SVTC attended 2017 Launch Festival, The event was hosted during April 6, 7 at Innovation hanger. 12000 attendees, 30 start up teams, 30 top company instructors, a true festival that summarized Silicon Valley start-up culture. 

From Carpet to international Incubator——SVCT Pays a visit to Plug & Play


From Carpet to international Incubator——SVCT Pays a visit to Plug & Play

SVCT pays a visit to one of the most famous and successful incubation systems in Silicon Valley-"Plug and Play innovation center". PNP started at 1990 with CEO's father's high-end carpet business, util nowadays, CEO Saeed Amidi has turned it into a multi-billion dollar global incubation business. surprisingly and honorably, SVCT found cooperation opportunities with PNP.    


UCBerkeley x ACE Demo Day


UCBerkeley x ACE Demo Day

Dated March 17, 2017, SVTC attended start-up DEMO DAY at beautiful campus UCBekerly, this event hosted by ACE Association of Chinese Entrepreneur, sponsor by Lewis Brisbois law group. The event invited 9 top start-up investor and 9 Berkeley start-up groups, for only 4 hours, hosted many great innovative projects.