We are the bridge between two Bay Areas – one in California and the other in southern China.




This map shows the organizations in Silicon Valley with whom we have cooperated and/or supported. Constellar Ventures is actively investing in startup projects with cutting-edge technologies and innovative business solutions. We select our startups by working with top tier incubators in Silicon Valley including Y Combinator, 500 startups, HAX, PNP, SkyDeck @ Berkeley, and StartX @ Stanford. We also partner with angel investment groups such as Sand Hill Angels, Bay Angels, and Keiretsu Forum. To date, Constellar Ventures has a portfolio of 15 startup companies and is quickly expanding. We co-invest with top tier VCs, thus establishing a strong network of successful venture capitals and entrepreneurs.


Based in Silicon Valley, we are closely connected with top talents in technology worldwide. By collaborating closely with university talent pools such as Stanford's Chinese Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) and UC Berkeley's Association of Chinese Entrepreneurs (ACE), we find the brightest minds with the most innovative and disruptive ideas. We also partner with North America's most prominent Chinese American associations, including Chinese Institute of Engineers (CIE), Silicon Valley Science and Technology Association (SVSTA), and Chinese American Semiconductor Professional Association (CASPA). These organizations have more than 5,000 top talents in the different verticals in science and technology. We are here to find the perfect team for your corporations and businesses.



Extensive Network

We work closely with key stakeholders including major banks and local Chinese governments. We have the most updated information on incentives for tech startups and can help you develop your business globally.


Market Resources

Well-connected to the fastest growing market in the world, we can establish a channel of communication and collaboration between the innovations in Silicon Valley and Chinese markets, manufacturers, and ventures.


IPO Channels

We partner with top-tier Chinese IPO and M&A financial institutions. We can help pave the way to a successful IPO or acquisition exit with industry leaders for our startups.